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Żabusia restaurant looks at the culinary heritage and gives it a modern shape. He rediscovers products that have been forgotten. A family restaurant operating for over 40 years, which is already running the third generation. The restaurant can boast a guarantee of flavors, care for the selection of the best natural healthy products and high diligence of dishes. Chef Mariusz Wolski uses products from local suppliers from Kashubia.
In the Żabusia restaurant you can try, among others homemade bread, calf thymus, rye sour rye soup with meatballs, confit duck breast with red cabbage stuffed cabbage and apples. Desserts are an unusual combination of flavors. The specialty is a chocolate parfait with hazelnuts and grapefruit.


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We have a rich menu, for all occasions, delicious traditional Polish food and great wines.
The Żabusia restaurant offers Polish dishes in a modern way using the souse vide cooking technique. The souse vide method is cooking at low temperatures in vacuum bags, which is suitable delicious juiciness, delicacy and aroma.

We organize parties and family dinners, and for children we have a special play area.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our menu on the site and to visit Żabusia, every day and from holidays.

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Tastes of Gdansk

Top quality cooking like no other
The Żabusia restaurant participates in the Tastes of Gdansk project, which aims to show the tradition, specificity and culinary wealth of Gdańsk. The dishes participating in the project were prepared on the basis of traditional Pomeranian recipes and regional products. These are:

  • Veal thymus sous vide, rye bread with wild mushrooms, mushroom sauce.
  • Leg of a deer in a dried grape leaf, bulgur groats, a salad of swedes and beets, a sauce of dogwood and chocolate.
  • Long-lived gingerbread with plum, ice-cream from sea-buckthorn, coriander caramel, chocolate tulle.

Menu Tastes of Gdansk will delight even the most demanding palate. We cordially invite you and wish you a tasty …

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